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Advanced Resuscitation Skills

Advanced Resuscitation Skills

$509.00 (incl. GST)

This 1-day assessed course is designed for experienced health professionals who are expected to manage and supervise resuscitation events.

This course is suitable for all:

  • General practitioners (GPEP and/or RHM)
  • Urgent Care registrars/fellow
  • Experienced senior nurses and nurse practitioners
  • Experienced midwives
  • Experienced anaesthetic technicians
  • Dentists who perform sedation
  • Hospital training supervisors
  • Trainee interns

Meets the requirements for ALS and is:

  • Endorsed by the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP)
  • Endorsed by the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care (RNZCUC)
  • Verified by the New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA)

All our tutors have Operational (Emergency ambulance) experience.

Please read the full course information and prerequisites before booking. First aid courses are non-refundable

Please refer to our training terms & conditions

More Information

The course focuses on the practical skills of resuscitation, and scenarios for the management of collapse and medical emergencies and will give you:

  • The confidence and skills to use advanced resuscitation equipment and techniques needed within the scope of your healthcare practice
  • An advanced resuscitation Skills certificate and 12 CPD credits
  • The confidence in establishing team behaviour and the importance of roles during a cardiac arrest in line with principles of performance CPR.

Course bookings will close 5 days before the course start date to ensure time for pre-reading to be completed before attending.

First aid courses are non-refundable. Please refer to our training terms & conditions.

Course Content

Recognise and provide advanced resuscitation including how to:

  • Manage an adult, child and infant resuscitation
  • Manage an airway with head tilt, chin lift and jaw thrust
  • Insert airway adjuncts including: OPA, LMA, i-Gel, bag-to-mask ventilation
  • Suction an airway
  • Safely administer oxygen from a cylinder
  • Manage anaphylaxis with IM adrenaline
  • Safely use a defibrillator.

You'll also learn to:

  • Safely provide manual defibrillation
  • Interpret resuscitation rhythms
  • Determine the priorities in a traumatic cardiac arrest.
Prerequisites & requirements

Attendees must:

  • Hold a formal tertiary qualification in a health-related discipline and is experienced in their area of practice
  • Be Health professionals who need ALS skills as part of their scope of practice
  • Be able to complete the recommended reading prior to course attendance (provided in the booking confirmation email)
  • Be able to physically perform practical skills e.g. CPR
  • Be able to complete assessments in English.
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