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The use of an AED – also known as defibrillation - is an important addition to CPR. Evidence shows that using an AED can greatly improve the survival chances of a patient in cardiac arrest. However, an AED is only useful if there’s a trained person available to use it.

What you’ll learn

This instructional course is designed for any group that has, or may have, access to an AED.

It will ensure you have the confidence to use defibrillators to save lives. 

What this course covers

Step into our fun and interactive learning environments with our nationally-recognised tutors where we’ll teach you:

  • Use of an AED as part of the CPR process
  • Defibrillation training for the workplace 

You’ll see that using an AED is simple, because the machine ‘talks’ to you and guides you through the things you need to do.

You’ll have the opportunity to use an AED with a manikin as part of the whole CPR process. The purpose of using an AED is explained, along with the steps of CPR for an adult patient.

Quick facts

An AED workshop that does not include assessments or NZQA unit standards can be conducted for groups at your place or ours: Duration: 1.5 hours

An AED course that includes NZQA unit standard 25411 can be conducted for groups at your place or ours: Duration: 2 hours


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